Where the Top 75 Online Marketing Experts Host Their Websites

Everywhere you look online, you see reviews and recommendations for web hosting companies. But do you ever wonder which web hosting services the top online marketers use to host their own sites? After all, these folks depend on their websites. They need to be fast and reliable. If their sites aren’t loading quickly, they’re losing visitors and sales. And if they aren’t selling, they’re not eating.

I put together an alphabetical list of the top 75 online marketing experts you should follow — and where each of them hosts their site:

Harsh Agrawal (ShoutMeLoud) — Hosted by Kinsta
Online marketing and WordPress.

John Paul Aguiar (Money Dummy Blog) — Hosted by BlueHost
Social media, blogging, and Internet marketing.

Glen Allsopp (ViperChill) — Hosted by Liquid Web
Blogger and host of the Niche Ideas podcast.

Amy Lynn Andrews (amylynnandrews.com) — Hosted by Media Temple
Social media and blogging.

Matthew Barby (matthewbarby.com) — Hosted by Kinsta
Blogging and search engine optimization (SEO).

Corbett Barr (Fizzle.co) — Hosted by Storm On Demand
Host of The Fizzle Show.

Gael Breton (Authority Hacker) — Hosted by Digital Ocean
Blogger and host of The Authority Hacker podcast.

Chris Brogan (chrisbrogan.com) — Hosted by Rainmaker
Blogger, speaker, and author of several books.

Danny Brown (dannybrown.me) — Hosted by A2 Hosting
Social media and blogging.

Jeff Bullas (Jeffbullas.com) –Hosted by BlueHost
Blogger, speaker, and author of Blogging The Smart Way: How to Create and Market a Killer Blog With Social Media.

Steve Chou (My Wife Quit Her Job) — Hosted by Storm On Demand
Blogger and host of the My Wife Quit Her Job podcast.

John Chow (JohnChow.com) — Hosted by HostGator
Blogger and author of Blogging Secrets and Make Money Online: Roadmap of a Dot Com Mogul.

Gregory Ciotti (Sparring Mind) — Hosted by WP Engine
Creative work and human behavior.

Brian Clark (Copyblogger) — Hosted by Media Temple
Blogger, founder of Copyblogger, and producer of the Rainmaker.FM podcast network.

Jim Cockrum (jimcockrum.com) — Hosted by Media Temple
Blogger and author of Free Marketing: 101 Low and No-Cost Ways to Grow Your Business Online and Off.

Heidi Cohen (Actionable Marketing Guide) — Hosted by WebFaction
Social media, content marketing, and mobile.

Mack Collier (mackcollier.com) — Hosted by GoDaddy
Blogger and author of Think Like a Rockstar: How to Create Social Media and Marketing Strategies That Turn Customers Into Fans.

Adam Connell (Blogging Wizard) — Hosted by Traffic Planet Hosting
Starting and growing a blog.

John Corcoran (Smart Business Revolution) — Hosted by HostGator
Creating a powerful personal network.

Tyler Cruz (tylercruz.com) — Hosted by BlueHost
Affiliate marketing.

Brian Dean (Backlinko) — Hosted by Linode
Search engine optimization (SEO) and link building.

John Doherty (johnfdoherty.com) — Hosted by BlueHost
Search engine optimization (SEO) and content marketing.

Roger Dooley (Neuroscience Marketing) — Hosted by Liquid Web
Blogger and author of Brainfluence: 100 Ways to Persuade and Convince Consumers with Neuromarketing.

Chris Ducker (chrisducker.com) — Hosted by Rainmaker
Blogger, speaker, podcaster, and author of Virtual Freedom: How to Work with Virtual Staff to Buy More Time, Become More Productive, and Build Your Dream Business.

John Lee Dumas (Entrepreneur On Fire) — Hosted by WP Engine
Entrepreneur interviews.

Melanie Duncan (melanieduncan.com) — Hosted by Rackspace
Growing an online business.

Michael Dunlop (Income Diary) — Hosted by Liquid Web
Internet marketing and making money online.

Nick Eubanks (SEO Nick) — Hosted by WP Engine
Search engine optimization (SEO) experiments.

Tom Ewer (Leaving Work Behind) — Hosted by BlueHost
Online business.

Ian Fernando (ianfernando.com) –Hosted by Liquid Web
Affiliate marketing.

David Siteman Garland (The Rise To The Top) — Hosted by Liquid Web
Online business and course creation.

Kim Garst (Boom Social) — Hosted by BlueHost
Blogger, social media marketer, and author of Will the Real You Please Stand Up: Show Up, Be Authentic, and Prosper in Social Media.

Chris Guillebeau (The Art of Non-Conformity) — Hosted by InMotion Hosting
Blogger and author of The Happiness of Pursuit.

Derek Halpern (Social Triggers) — Hosted by Linode
Online marketing.

Jim Harmer (Income School) — Hosted by WP Engine
Blogger and podcaster.

Bryan Harris (Videofruit) — Hosted by BlueHost
Growing your business with video.

Spencer Haws (Niche Pursuits) — Hosted by ServInt
Blogger and host of the Niche Pursuits podcast.

Aden Hepburn (Digital Buzz Blog) — Hosted by WestHost
Advertising, digital marketing, and social media blogger.

Jenn Herman (Jenn’s Trends) — Hosted by SiteGround
Blogger, speaker, and author of Stop Guessing: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Social Media Strategy.

Ana Hoffman (Traffic Generation Cafe) — Hosted by A2 Hosting
Social media traffic, list building, and conversion.

Michael Hyatt (michaelhyatt.com) — Hosted by Linode
Blogger, host of the This Is Your Life podcast, and author of Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World.

John Jantsch (Duct Tape Marketing) — Hosted by Synthesis
Blogger, speaker, and author of Duct Tape Marketing: The World’s Most Practical Small Business Marketing Guide.

Zac Johnson (zacjohnson.com) — Hosted by Synthesis
Blogger and host of the Rise of the Entrepreneur podcast.

Guy Kawasaki (guykawasaki.com) — Hosted by GoDaddy
Blogger, speaker, and author of numerous books.

Frank Kern (frankkern.com) — Hosted by BlueHost
Internet marketing.

Ryan Lee (ryanlee.com) — Hosted by Liquid Web
Internet marketing.

Nick Loper (Side Hustle Nation) — Hosted by Traffic Planet Hosting
Host of The Side Hustle Show podcast.

Brian Massey (Conversion Scientist) — Hosted by Linode
Blogger covering marketing conversion rate optimization.

Pam Moore (Marketing Nutz) — Hosted by BlueHost
Blogger, speaker, and social media consultant.

Jon Morrow (Boost Blog Traffic) — Hosted by WiredTree
Blogger covering blogging and writing effective headlines.

Rick Mulready (rickmulready.com) — Hosted by BlueHost
Blogger and host of The Art of Paid Traffic podcast.

Charles Ngo (charlesngo.com) — Hosted by Traffic Planet Hosting
Affiliate marketing.

Sean Ogle (Location 180) — Hosted by WP Engine
Building a location-independent business.

Michael O’Neal (The Solopreneur Hour) — Hosted by GoDaddy
Host of The Solopreneur Hour podcast.

Neil Patel (Quicksprout) — Hosted by WP Engine
Blogger and co-founder of Crazy Egg, Hello Bar, and KISSmetrics.

Amy Porterfield (amyporterfield.com) — Hosted by Rackspace
Social media podcaster and blogger.

Rebekah Radice (rebekahradice.com) — Hosted by A2 Hosting
Digital marketing and social media strategy.

Robbie Richards (Actionable Online Marketing Strategies) — Hosted by BlueHost
Blogging and Internet marketing strategies.

David Risley (blogmarketingacademy.com) — Hosted by WP Engine
Blogger and host of the Blog Marketing Academy podcast.

E. Brian Rose (ebrianrose.com) — Hosted by BlueHost
Blogger and author of Millionaire Within: Untold Stories from the Internet Underworld.

Darren Rowse (ProBlogger.net) — Hosted by Synthesis
Blogger, speaker, and author of ProBlogger: Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income.

Leslie Samuel (Become a Blogger) –Hosted by ServInt
Blogger and host of Learning With Leslie podcast.

Marko Saric (How to Make My Blog) — Hosted by GoDaddy
Blog creation and online marketing.

James Schramko (SuperFastBusiness) –Hosted by Liquid Web
Blogger and host of the SuperFastBusiness podcast.

Daniel Scocco (Daily Blog Tips) — Hosted by HostGator
Blogging and WordPress tips.

Ramit Sethi (I Will Teach You To Be Rich) — Hosted by Rackspace
Blogger and author of I Will Teach You To Be Rich.

Natalie Sisson (The Suitcase Entrepreneur) — Hosted by Digital Ocean
Blogger and host of The Suitcase Entrepreneur podcast.

Brian Solis (briansolis.com) — Hosted by Media Temple
Blogger, speaker, and author of What’s The Future of Business.

Yaro Starak (Entrepreneurs-Journey.com) — Hosted by Media Temple
Blogger and host of Entrepreneur’s Journey podcast.

Scott Stratten (UnMarketing) — Hosted by Site5
Blogger, podcaster, and author (with his wife, Alison Kramer) of UnSelling: The New Customer Experience.

Jaime Tardy (The Eventual Millionaire) — Hosted by WP Engine
Speaker and host of The Eventual Millionaire podcast.

Ramsay Taplin (Blog Tyrant) — Hosted by KnownHost
Internet marketing and blogging.

James Wedmore (jameswedmore.com) — Hosted by BlueHost
Online video marketing.

Caleb Wojcik (DIY Video Guy) — Hosted by DreamHost
Video production for marketers.

Matthew Woodward (matthewwoodward.co.uk) — Hosted by Traffic Planet Hosting
Internet marketing and search engine optimization (SEO).

Dan Zarrella (danzarrella.com) — Hosted by Media Temple
Blogger, speaker, social media scientist, and author of The Science of Marketing: When to Tweet, What to Post, How to Blog, and Other Proven Strategies.

Sarah Zeldman (theemarketingmaven.com) — Hosted by BlueHost
Social media and Internet marketing.

The list features savvy, expert marketers and their choice of popular hosting providers reflects this. Dominating the list are higher-end dedicated servers and managed WordPress hosting providers. This really isn’t a surprise. What I didn’t expect, however, was the number of very popular online marketers who seem to use inexpensive shared hosting quite successfully..

While online marketers chose many different web hosts, I found that the majority also use CloudFlare. While I knew CloudFlare was popular, I was surprised by how many sites use it — even if they’re also using top-of-the-line hosting. CloudFlare can be used to increase speed and security and offers a variety of free and paid options.

Especially for sites using CloudFlare, load times did not make it immediately obvious who was using $4/month shared hosting versus a $300/month dedicated server. But with web hosting, you almost always get what you pay for — and even though CloudFlare smooths many of the bumps in the road, it can’t be expected to make up for all of the disadvantages of shared hosting.

For very busy sites or those running forum or e-commerce software, the extra resources you get with a virtual private server (VPS) or dedicated server are worth it. For some people, shaving even a second or two off page loading times are worth the premium price.

My bottom-line recommendation is to start with inexpensive shared hosting until you’ve proven your site will attract visitors (and make money). Once your site is consistently earning over $500/month, you should consider one of several very good options in the $30-$100/month range. Unless you’re experienced with Linux or you plan to hire someone, managing a server will be a headache for you. Consider one of the excellent managed WordPress options for the best performance and value.

NOTE: Compiling this list required many hours of searching public DNS records. Although I’ve tried to be as accurate as possible, I’m sure I’ve made a few mistakes. In some cases, for example, I may list an “upstream” hosting provider which leases servers to a smaller host. Some hosts that are owned by the same parent company share blocks of IP addresses making specific web host identification difficult (BlueHost vs. HostGator, for example). Also, some folks change hosting providers frequently — I’ll try to keep up! Please let me know if you discover any errors and I will be happy to correct them. I apologize for any mistakes ahead of time!

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